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Upright vacuums

Cyclones that capture more dirt and microscopic dust than any other cyclones. Technology you won't find in other upright vacuums.

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Barrel machines

Dyson barrel vacuums remove dust from all floors, and follow you around the home with greater control.

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Handstick technology

Introducing a new way to clean. Balanced for easy handling of floor to ceiling handstick cleaning.

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Handheld technology

Portable Dyson power for quick clean-ups around the home and car.

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Tool technology

Dyson accessories are as durable as our vacuum cleaners, removing dust, dirt and allergens.

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"Our mission is simple. We solve the problems others seem to ignore."

James Dyson - Chief Engineer

The lengths we go to

James Dyson

James Dyson launched the first bagless vacuum cleaner in the UK in 1993. It was the result of 5,127 prototypes and 15 years of frustration and perseverance.

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