The Dyson EOFY Sale has finished

The Dyson EOFY sale has now finished. EOFY sales in floor care, hair care and environmental care happen every year, and are only available when buying Dyson technology from the people who made it. To access the next EOFY sale at Dyson, keep an eye out for announcements on our website.

Dyson week blue/white blueprint


EOFY, meaning End of Financial Year, marks the end of the annual fiscal period for retailers. In Australia, the end of financial year falls on June 30th with the new financial year starting July 1st. Brands mark this changeover with EOFY sales. The Dyson EOFY sale gives access to our range of advanced technology. Keep an eye out for updates on Dyson Airwrap EOFY sales and more.

The end of financial year falls on June 30th in Australia. Before the new financial year starts on July 1st, retailers and brands hold a range of sales. The EOFY sale at Dyson usually begins early June.

The EOFY sale spans Dyson technology across hair care, environment and floorcare. Be the first to hear details on the EOFY sale at Dyson, only available directly from us.

The Dyson vacuum EOFY sale and other technology starts early June each year. To find out more details about the Dyson EOFY sale, keep an eye out for updates on our website.