Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal vacuum

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal

Unfortunately we no longer sell the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal on Dyson.com.au but you can explore the latest Dyson technology or find help to get the best out of your machine.

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Overall rating
5% of 100
Reviewed on 3/5/2023

Read this if you are losing suction


Mine is now about 2.5 years old and somehow I felt like the suction of the vacuum was not as good any more as it used to be. Turns out the comment section here is chocker block ...
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full of people complaining about the same issue. Each one of those comments gets answered by Dyson telling the commenter to get in touch with Dyson. So here is what happened with mine: A loss of suction is of course hard to determine, because how do you measure the suction in the first place and how do you know that it is now less than when you bought it? One giveaway for me was that the turbo head brush was just not spinning very fast any more. I remember it sounding like a jet engine and spinning impressively fast when the vacuum was new, and that at some stage was just not happening any more. That can of course have two totally different reasons, one being the suction having dropped, the other being the rotating brush is not freely rotating any more due to - well whatever reason (bearings, blockage ...). Turns out in my case BOTH causes came together. I suggest the first thing you do is check whether your suction hose has any blockage in it (as per the trouble shooting guide on the Dyson web page). Blowing through it I can promise you does not tell you whether a constraint is in the hose or not. Take the hose off on both ends and look through it. Then take the hard extension that attaches to the head and check that. Most importantly, take the hard plastic U-turn bit (where the handle is attached) and check that one out. I uploaded a picture. It is the part on the left that I am talking about. In my case, that U-turn was the culprit. A piece of cardboard had gotten stuck in the U-turn part and a massive amount of hair and fluff had accumulated over time around that stuck cardboard. It was not easy to clean out by the way, I used a bent wire coat hanger and freed it all up. The different was huge as you can imagine, but my turbo brush still was not spinning fast enough. Youtube to the rescue. I donlt seem to be allowed to post external links here (Why Dyson?). But search for "Dyson Vacuum Turbine head Teardown and Clean". Most importantly, read the comments in the video because they explain how to get past the point where the presenter in that video actually got stock. The part he holds at around 07:00 in the video needs to be opened further (and he did not manage to get in there). The trick is that the little cork twisty bit does in fact come off when you take the screw that is INSIDE the cork screw bit out. Look at the picture I uploaded. Once that screw is out, you will find that a hair and dust mixture has accumulated in that bearing despite it being a sealed unit. Clean it out, put it all back together and it will all be as new. You will need a T8 and a T10 screw driver - and admittedly, that is not in everybody's kitchen drawer. There is always the alternative that you swing by a Dyson Service Centre (in Sydney they are in Taren Point). I have done that twice in the past and every time I was very happy with the service they gave me (super helpful and free both time despite being way out of warranty). I think they also offer a pickup service, just ask. I hope this helps solve some of the frustration I see accumulating in here. Good luck with it. Love this vacuum - again.