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Kills 99.9% of bacteria for
hygienic humidification.²
With even room coverage.

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Hydrates the air with 99.9% bacteria-free hygienic mist²

Using Dyson's new Ultraviolet Cleanse technology, the Dyson humidifier exposes water in its tank to an ultraviolet light. This three minute treatment cycle kills 99.9% of bacteria in the water, including E. coli, before any moisture leaves the machine.²

How Ultraviolet Cleanse technology works

First, water from the tank is released into the feed chamber, where it runs down the rill and is exposed to an ultraviolet light, killing 99.9% of bacteria.² Then the water travels into the piezo chamber, where it's exposed to the ultraviolet light for a second time, before being atomised into a fine hygienic mist.

Hydrates air evenly across the whole room

The Dyson humidifier uses Air Multiplier™ technology to project hygienic mist widely and evenly – quickly and quietly hydrating the air throughout the room.

How Air Multiplier™ technology works

Air is drawn in through inlets in the base of the machine, passing over an intelligent thermostat and humidistat which accurately monitor the room’s temperature and humidity.

The hygienic mist is then released from one aperture while the air is accelerated through a second aperture. This draws in surrounding air to create a jet of powerful airflow, distributing 99.9% bacteria-free hygienic mist evenly to hydrate the air across the whole room.²

Apertures cross section

Always maintains the target humidity

With Intelligent Climate Control, the Dyson humidifier constantly measures both the temperature and the humidity of the air. At one touch of the remote, it calculates the exact amount of moisture needed to maintain the most comfortable level of hydration for the room.

Acoustically engineered for quiet, night-long hydration

The Dyson humidifier projects hygienic mist and hydrated air evenly and quietly throughout the room. Accurate humidistat and efficient water management system ensures up to 18 hours of continuous use on one tank of water. Sleep timer for automatic turn off.

Features of all Dyson humidifiers

  • Acoustically engineered.

    The world’s first humidifier awarded the Quiet Mark by the Noise Abatement Society.

  • Night-long comfort

    Night-long hydration.

    Sleep timer and up to 18 hours of continuous use. Hydrates evenly and quietly.

  • Patented Air Multiplier™ technology.

    Patented Air Multiplier™ technology.

    Long-range air projection to distribute hygienic mist evenly throughout the room.

  • Dual function for year round use.

    Dual function for year round use.

    Projects hygienic mist for air hydration in winter and high-velocity air for cooling in summer.

  • Remote control.

    Remote control.

    Variable airflow and hydration level control. Magnetised to store on the machine.

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