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How to connect your app.

Download the Dyson Link app, open it and choose 'Add a machine'. Then simply follow the instructions on screen.

Download the Dyson link app.

Frequently asked questions

Intelligent purification.

Monitor your indoor air quality and see live, local air quality metrics – straight from your smartphone.

Your remote control

On / Off

Variable airflow

Quickly adjust airflow power.

Auto mode

Your purifier will monitor, react and purify automatically.

Sleep timer

Set your purifier to switch off after you've gone to sleep.


Turn on oscillation to project purified air around the room.

Night-time mode

Your purifier will keep purifying, but using only the quieter settings.

The air quality outside

Your local air quality, temperature, humidity and particulate levels – all in one place.

Your indoor air quality

Your app combines data from your purifier's on-board particle and VOC sensors into a single, easy-to-understand air quality value.

When to change your filter

Your purifier will let you know when the filter needs changing. A light will appear on its LED display, and you'll get a notification from your app.

How to change your filter

Where to buy a new filter

When your app lets you know that you need a new filter, it’ll connect you straight to the Dyson shop. So you can buy directly from us, with free delivery.

Alternatively, you can just click the button below.

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How to change your filter?

Before you change your filter, make sure your purifier is turned off.

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You'll get quicker access to the right maintenance and support.

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