Pure Hot Cool Purifier Fan Heater App | Dyson Australia

Explore the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool™ purifier fan heater

Control your home environment, direct from your device.1 

View temperature and air quality reports, fast

Monitor the air quality in your home, and outdoors. Quickly check your machine's activity, past and present, as well as reports on temperature, humidity, and filter life.

Control your machine, wherever you are

Set airflow modes and oscillation angles, and control the temperature in your home – whether you're travelling, at work, or simply on the sofa.

Select your target temperature2  

Take control of your room's temperature, whether you're home or away. Choose your desired wake-up temperature, or heat the room before you arrive home from work.


Personalised oscillation control

Use the app to set your purifier's oscillation angle – from targeted airflow, to wide, even distribution throughout the room.

Set it and forget it

You can schedule Auto or Night-time mode, to purify and maintain your target temperature automatically. And with 7‑day scheduling, you can make sure your purifying fan heater stays on when you need it, and off when you don't.



Filter life checks, at your fingertip

With separate monitoring on both the 360˚ HEPA filter and activated carbon filter, your app will let you know when your filters need replacing. So you can always make sure your purifier is working at its best.