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Identifying fake Dyson technology and websites

Here you can find guidance and support if you suspect that you’ve encountered a fake Dyson website or fake Dyson technology.

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Dyson: Safe purchasing

Dyson works actively to combat the serious issue of counterfeit machines. We’re aware of a number of imitation versions of our technology, and our priority is to protect our users against the possibility of unknowingly buying machines being advertised as genuine Dyson.

We’ve always tried to find a way to help our users, whether that be developing technology that eradicates the need for expensive vacuum cleaner bags, or investing in the research and development of machines aiming to protect hair from extreme heat damage. In the same way we aim to protect our users from potentially dangerous counterfeit Dyson technology.

Dyson has a full-time global team, working to protect shoppers from the risks posed by counterfeit products and fake websites. We work closely with law enforcement bodies to protect shoppers, and take legal action against people involved in the manufacture and distribution of counterfeit Dyson machines.

Avoiding counterfeits online: Fake websites and counterfeit products on online marketplaces

One way to be completely sure you haven’t bought a counterfeit machine is to buy directly from Dyson, either through our website or one of our Dyson Demo Stores, or an authorised retail partner. Buying directly from Dyson will not only protect you against counterfeit products but you will also benefit from our Dyson Guarantee and dedicated customer support.

Counterfeit dealers sell their products through fake websites:

Fake websites are typically promoted through adverts on social media, such as Instagram or Facebook. Often they’ll include a link directly to a fake website. To convince consumers that they are authorised retail partners and to buy from them, they will try to make their website look official, by using official Dyson imagery and videos, as well as imitating Dyson language and they will offer a discount on the prices offered by Dyson. Fake website often include no contact details (or incomplete details) for the website owner.

Official Dyson adverts on social media will redirect you to or the website of an authorised retail partner, allowing you to buy Dyson technology through an official website.

Counterfeit dealers also sell their products through online marketplaces:

Genuine products are sold by Dyson on some online marketplaces (which varies from country to country), however where Dyson is not the seller, buying from online marketplaces gives you little opportunity to assess whether the product on sale is genuine. If you find that a product you have purchased is counterfeit, you may find it difficult to get your money back. Please contact the Dyson Customer Care team and we will do what we can to help you.

Counterfeit dealers will try to convince consumers that they are selling genuine Dyson products by:

  • Not using images of the product they are actually selling (and hiding behind official Dyson imagery).
  • Offering a discount on the prices offered by Dyson (but sometimes not low enough to raise suspicion)
  • Claiming that they are selling “original” “authentic” or “genuine” products.
  • Claiming that the product is genuine because it can be registered on Dyson’s website.

Beware – if a deal seems too good to be true, it usually is.

As with all online shopping it’s important to exercise caution and only to buy goods from trusted, secure websites. Checking that the URL of the webpage is a or a local equivalent or the website of an authorised retail partner is a good starting point. For further support or advice please contact the Dyson Customer Care team.

Why counterfeit Dyson machines can be dangerous

Counterfeit Dyson machines are often cheaply made, potentially dangerous and don’t provide the same stand-out experience as a genuine Dyson machine.

Counterfeit machines are not manufactured in controlled Dyson environments that are designed to ensure the quality and safety of our products. Components and measures used to safeguard our machines are usually omitted.

For this reason, we do not recommend you use counterfeit Dyson products.

Have you bought a counterfeit machine?

The individuals behind counterfeit products go to great lengths to make sure they look as genuine as possible. It’s often only once the machine has been used that a user will become suspicious.

Counterfeit Dyson machines are very difficult to spot: They appear nearly exactly the same as the genuine Dyson machine: from the logos on the machines to the packaging they are delivered in. Counterfeit Dyson machines even include copies of Dyson’s serial number stickers and Dyson Guarantee cards. Their external appearance is where the similarities end.

Common things to look out for which are likely to indicate you have purchased a counterfeit include:

  • Poor quality manufacturing finish (for example, misapplied Dyson logos, uneven joins in materials, scratches on the product or uneven edges).
  • Poor quality packaging materials.
  • Typos on the product, the packaging or the documentation enclosed in the packaging.

Reporting suspicious machines

Dyson does not service counterfeit machines as they aren’t made by Dyson or with genuine Dyson parts. Neither will we be able to offer you a refund for the counterfeit product you may have purchased.

In some circumstances, we provide support to consumers who have purchased counterfeit Dyson machines to help them get their money back.

For further support or advice please contact the Dyson Customer Care team.

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