"We've created a hair dryer every stylist will want in their tool kit." Akin Konizi Consultant on the development of the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer

Fast drying for speed.

The powerful digital motor V9 is fast, small and light. Combined with Air Multiplier™ technology, it produces a high-velocity jet of controlled air, for fast drying and precision styling.
Fast drying for speed.

Protects clients from extreme heat damage

Intelligent heat control measures the exit airflow temperature 20 times every second. By keeping the temperature below 150°C, it protects your client’s hair from extreme heat damage and helps maintain shine.
Protects clients from extreme heat damage.
"Intelligent heat control maintains the temperature below the point that causes extreme heat damage." Katsuya Kamo International hair and make-up artist

Engineered for balance

The Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer Professional edition is engineered for comfort. And as the first manufactured hair dryer with a motor in the handle not the head, it’s balanced in the hand, for all-day use in a busy salon.
Light in hand.
"The motor is small, but still very powerful. It dries hair quickly and feels light in my hand." Jen Atkin Celebrity hair stylist

Dropped, twisted, shaken and slammed

We dropped the hair dryer over 1,783 times, twisted the cable over 310,000 times and pushed the buttons more than 52,000 times. We tested it at extreme temperatures, exposed it to over 37g of dust and lint, and even simulated it being stood on by a 109kg person.
Dropped, twisted, shaken and slammed.
"It's so important to be able to talk to your clients during styling, but usually the dryer noise gets in the way. That's why I like the Dyson." Akin Konizi Four-time winner of British Hairdresser of the Year

Improved filter, built for salons.

Dyson engineers have redesigned the filter to meet the demands of a busy salon environment. The improved filter is magnetic, removable and washable, with a cleaning brush and intelligent white flashing LED cleaning prompt.
Improved filter, built for salons.

Stronger magnetic attachments

The Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer has magnetic attachments for easy fitting and adjustment. Dyson engineers have increased the magnetic strength in the new Professional edition, making them 2x stronger for secure 360° hold.¹
Stronger magnetic attachments.

Re-engineered Professional concentrator. For precision styling.

With a wider and thinner nozzle and cool grip edges, the new Dyson Professional concentrator focuses airflow for precision styling.
¹Compared to consumer model.

Curls, defined.

The Dyson Diffuser is engineered to distribute airflow evenly. It simulates natural drying, helping to reduce frizz and improve curl definition.
Curls, defined.

The perfect prepping tool

The Dyson Smoothing nozzle dries hair gently using smooth, wide air. It quickly removes excess water from your client’s hair before styling.
The perfect prepping tool.

Longer cable, for freer movement.

At 3.3 metres, a longer cable allows for freer movement around clients.
Longer cable, for freer movement.
"This little beauty packs such a punch. Big, big plus for me is the magnet – it’s twice as strong as before." Dylan Bradshaw Global award-winning hair stylist

Helps protect hair from extreme heat

Longer cable, for freer movement.

Exclusively available for stylists



Every hair dryer is guaranteed for 2 years, on both parts and labour.

Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer Professional edition Nickel/Silver Nickel/Silver
Dyson Supersonic™ - Professional concentrator
Smoothing nozzle
Non-slip mat
Storage hanger
Filter cleaning brush