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Insights | Hair | Styles | May 27, 2024

How to style short hair with the Dyson Corrale™ hair straightener

Short hair can be difficult to style, especially without the right tools. The Dyson Corrale™ hair straightener features flexible plates that give you more control over your hair. Read on to find out how the Dyson Corrale™ hair straightener makes styling short hair much easier.

Short straight hair

To begin, take a section of your clean, dry hair and put it into the centre of the straightener. As you move down the section, the flexing plates will gather and straighten all your hair beautifully and simply. Because it smooths the whole section at once without hair splaying, it reduces the number of passes versus a traditional fixed plate straightener. This reduces the amount of heat your hair is exposed to and makes styling much quicker.

Repeat for each section until you have a sleek, straight style.

Short wavy hair

Wavy hair is often associated with going to the beach. That perfectly imperfect look can feel daunting to recreate – but it’s easy to do with the Dyson Corrale™.

Beach waves

First up, the classic beach waves. This kind of wavy hair is perfect as a short hair style because it adds texture and a bit of volume which can make even short hair look thick and luscious, as well as naturally stylish.

To start, detangle your hair with a detangling brush, working from tips to roots. Then section your hair. If you have thicker hair, make lots of small sections. For fine hair, make a few large sections, as this will make straightening easier.

Starting at the roots, place each section, one at a time, into the Dyson Corrale™. Rotate your machine 360°, wrapping your hair around it until you have most of your section wrapped around it.

Then, slowly glide your machine through your hair. Make sure to apply pressure evenly. You don’t need to apply as much pressure as an average straightener due to the flexible plates. As you glide your Dyson Corrale™ down, your hair will feed through it and come out of the other side with a nice, springy yet loose curl.

Once you’ve completed one section, repeat on the rest of your sections. For a more natural, beachy look alternate the rotation of your Dyson Corrale™ for each section. This better reflects natural curly hair.

After you’ve curled all your sections, straighten the ends of each one. This gives your hair that sea breeze tussled look rather than a curlier or wavier style. Remember, beach waves are all about looking natural and like you’ve been in the sea.

Finally, loosen your waves with your fingers and spritz with your favourite texture spray to complete the look. Loosening and texturing your waves is a great touch to make them look more natural.

Flat beach waves

Bring your Dyson Corrale™ horizontal to your head and place one section at a time into the straightener. Then, turn your machine inwards and move down two inches before turning it outward and moving down two inches. Repeat this until you reach the end of your hair, then repeat on each section.

To highlight your face with soft curls, take the front sections, rotate your machine 180° and glide through to the end of the hair.

To add a fringe, straighten your hairline section and curl inwards at the end.

Flat beach waves are a subtler form of short wavy hair, for a more casual style.

Short curly hair

It’s common for people with short hair to feel they can’t have great curls, but thanks to the Dyson Corrale™, that simply isn’t the case.

True curls

True curls are easy to achieve with your Dyson Corrale™. Detangle and section your hair, and place it one section at a time into the centre of your straightener. Rotate your machine 360° towards your face. Once you’ve got most of your hair wrapped, glide your machine through the hair slowly and evenly. Repeat this with every section and you’ll find yourself with gorgeous short curly hair very quickly. For tighter curls, work with smaller sections of hair. Tight curls are a great way of differentiating your hair from looser, wavier styles.


C-curls make for great short bobs because they curl the ends inward.

It’s an easy look to achieve, especially with the Dyson Corrale™. First, wet your hair and dry it while lifting your roots to add volume. Once your hair is completely dry, section your hair and begin straightening. Take each section one by one and straighten from root to tip.

As you reach the tip, rotate your machine 45° inwards. Repeat with all sections to create lovely C-shaped curls that frame your face.

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