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How to use the Dyson Supersonic Nural™ Hair Dryer

A hair dryer is one of your greatest assets when it comes to styling hair, so it’s important to know how to use a Dyson hair dryer to achieve a salon-quality look that doesn’t inhibit hair health. The Dyson Supersonic Nural™ hair dryer blends Dyson’s renowned drying capabilities with an innovative network of sensors that help preserve scalp health1. In the below guide, Dyson hair care experts have shared their insights on how to use the Dyson Supersonic Nural™ to boost volume, minimise frizz, define natural hair shape and amplify natural shine, all while maintaining scalp health1.

What makes the Supersonic Nural™ unique?

Before learning how to use a Dyson Supersonic Nural™, let’s identify what sets this device apart from standard hair dryers. Traditional hair dryers often have weaker airflow and irregular heat distribution. These deficiencies result in slow drying, awkward styling and potential heat damage. The Dyson Supersonic Nural™ combines Dyson’s airflow expertise with extensive hair care research for a hair dryer that powerfully dries hair, precisely styles and protects scalp health1 with intuitive heat control.

The Dyson Supersonic Nural™ builds on existing Dyson hair care technology with three innovative sensor functions:

  • Scalp protect mode in action

    Scalp protect

    This pioneering feature auto-detects distance between the scalp and the machine, automatically lowering temperature as it moves closer to the hair.

  • Attachment learning in action

    Attachment learning

    The Nural™ hair dryer has a Hall sensor to know which styling attachment you have fitted to your machine and recalls the heat and airflow settings used in your previous styling session for optimum efficiency, simpliflying your routine.

  • The hair dryer being put down

    Pause detect

    When you put down your Supersonic Nural™, the accelerometer notifies the machine, so it converts to ultra-low power mode. This helps conserve power and minimise noise during styling.

The importance and role of scalp health

A healthy scalp barrier is a key factor in retaining moisture and keeping the hair smooth, strong and shiny. A damaged or disrupted scalp barrier can cause discomfort and might present as:

  • Hair loss
  • Thinning hair
  • Post-partum hair loss
  • Dandruff, sensitive, dry, itchy, oily scalps

Dyson hair care engineers understand that a healthy scalp equals healthy, naturally shiny hair; this became the motivation behind the Dyson Supersonic Nural™ Scalp protect sensor. As you bring your machine closer to the hair, it automatically lowers heat to maintain an optimal target temperature of 55°C. This distance sensor can be activated with the Gentle Air or Styling Concentrator attachments so you can perform gentle, close-up drying that protects the scalp without compromising on style.

How to style hair with the Dyson Supersonic Nural™

Dyson engineers have accumulated over ten years of extensive hair care research and testing to create a hair dryer and attachments that prevent damage, bolster shine and enhance the hair’s natural characteristics. Continue reading for expert tips and learn how to utilise your Supersonic Nural™ to its full potential.

1. Gently towel-dry hair

Hair is at its most vulnerable when wet, so it’s important not to apply heat to fully wet hair2. Not only can this cause damage, but it also takes much longer to dry and style. Gently towel-dry your hair with a non-abrasive towel, squeezing excess water from your strands without tangling.

2. Choose the right attachment

The Supersonic Nural™ comes with a range of magnetic attachments to suit your hair type and desired style, all with varying heat and airflow requirements. For instance, the Wave+Curl Diffuser has been engineered for defining curls or waves, reducing frizz and boosting volume. Conversely, the Flyaway attachment hides flyaways in a single pass, and the Wide-tooth comb attachment creates volume and shape on curly and textured hair.

3. Select heat and speed settings

Once you have selected your desired attachment, the next step in how to use your Dyson Supersonic Nural™ is to fine-tune your heat and speed settings for your hair type. This is where the Nural’s™ Attachment learning sensor is most effective since each attachment comes with preset temperature and airflow to simplify your hair routine. They are customizable by you, so the Supersonic Nural™ will automatically remember your styling preferences from your previous use - so you don't have to.

The Supersonic Nural™ has 3 precise airflow settings and 4 heat settings, as well as a cold shot feature. If you want to know how to use a Dyson hair dryer on fine hair, we suggest drying on a lower heat using the Gentle air attachment and activating Scalp protect mode for efficient yet gentle drying that smooths locks. Thicker hair types will likely require higher heat and speed settings for faster drying.

4. Section hair and blow dry with brush

Use clips or hair ties to evenly section the hair so you can uniformly dry from root to ends. Depending on the thickness of your hair, you may need 3 or more sections. You’ll notice in any guide for how to use a Dyson hair dryer that tension is needed when applying heat to smooth and style hair strands. Opt for The Dyson Vented Barrel Brush to create volume and lift as you style.

5. Set the hair with the cold shot feature

The cold shot button on the Dyson Supersonic Nural™ allows you to set your style after applying heat. Using this feature immediately deactivates the heating element to blast the hair with 28°C air. After drying and styling the hair, go over the same section with the cold shot to preserve the style for longer.

6. Style hair based on texture

One of the primary benefits of styling hair with a Dyson Supersonic Nural™ is its compatibility with a variety of hair types and textures.

For an everyday blow-dry:

  • Use the Gentle air attachment on towel-dried hair – ensure you activate Scalp protect mode to prevent too much heat exposure on the scalp.
  • Apply medium heat and speed settings (go higher for thicker hair).
  • Next, swap to the Styling concentrator for precision styling. Keep Scalp protect mode switched on.
  • Use alongside your barrel brush to create volume at the root and bouncy flicks at the ends.
  • Finish with the Flyaway attachment to further tame your locks since this attachment distributes heat along the length of the hair and isn’t concentrated on the scalp.

For curly hair and defined waves:

  • Apply your favourite styling product to clean, towel-dried hair.
  • Attach the Wave+Curl Diffuser. Depending on your desired style, you can opt for either Diffuse or Dome mode. Diffuse mode will give you volume at the root and preserve natural textured coils or curls. Dome mode will enhance and define curls and waves.
  • Select medium air flow speed and heat.
  • Flip your hair upside down and press the Diffuser into the curls from the ends until you reach the top section of the hair.
  • Hold in place. Repeat this movement on all sides, then shake out your hair.

7. Clean the hair dryer filter

Regular filter cleaning will maintain powerful airflow and keep your Supersonic Nural™ hair dryer performing at its best. We recommend that you clean the filter once per month. You can do this by removing the magnetic filter cage and washing in warm, soapy water. Soak for a minimum of 30 minutes, rinse, then dry. The filter itself can be wiped with a clean, dry cloth to remove lingering debris.

Now that you have mastered how to use the Dyson Supersonic Nural™, discover the Dyson Airstait – our innovative solution to hair straightening.

1When used in Scalp protect mode.