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Six easy hairstyles for long and short hair

This Mother’s Day, Dyson has compiled six easy hairstyles for short hair and long, to celebrate mums around the world. Conventional stylers cost time and cause damage to hair from extreme heat. Dyson’s hair care technology gives mum’s the ability to achieve time-efficient hairstyles for face framing, without compromising on hair health.

Ahead, discover how to perfect easy updos and how to style a bob differently without compromising on time. Alongside some accomplished mothers, we show you how to choose a hairstyle for your hair type, and which of our hair tools can achieve each simple hairstyle.

12 April 2022

Time-saving hairstylesfor women

  • Hair diagnosing tool

  • Dyson’s hair care range is built on a foundation of hair science. From understanding the structure of strands to learning the process of damage and how we can solve it – we’ve made it possible to style hair with a straightener, hair dryer and curler without breakage.

    Our research has enabled Dyson’s hair tools to be inclusive of all hair types. Alongside texture – fine, medium or coarse – are four hair types: Straight (Type 1), Wavy (Type 2), Curly (Type 3), and Coily (Type 4). Explore easy hairstyles, including face framing layers, that long hair lengths can achieve, and a simple hairstyle for natural curls.

The French bob

  • The French Bob

    Larry King, Dyson Global Styling Ambassador IG: @larrykinghair

  • Ideal for type 1 & 2 hair

    Approx. 14-minute style
    Achieved with the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer

    A sleek French bob haircut is an effective way to stay chic while on-the-go. For how to style a bob, focus on texture. The simplicity of this cut doesn’t mean it’s limited to one style either – messy bob hairstyles can be achieved with just a slight tweak. Measuring the air 40 times per second, the Supersonic™ solves how to style a short bob quickly and prevents extreme heat damage, to protect hair’s natural shine.

    How to style the French Bob:

    1. Apply a texture or sea salt spray to towel dried hair.
    2. After positioning fringe, scrunch sections of hair, and hold the diffuser attachment until dry.
    3. Repeat around hair until fully dry – be careful not to move the dryer until so.
    4. For messy bob hairstyles, finish with a spritz of spray to add movement.

The low ponytail

  • Low Ponytail

    Matthew Collins, Dyson Global Styling Ambassador IG: @matthewstylist

  • Ideal hair types 1,2 and 3

    Approx. 16-minute style
    Achieved with the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer

    The low pony hairstyle takes little upkeep and is a sophisticated way to keep hair out of the way. For practicality combined with trend, a sleek low ponytail is guaranteed to become your next go-to. Once you’ve worn this style enough, refresh it to a wavy ponytail with a minor styling edit. The Dyson Supersonic™ can push out 13 litres of air per second, cutting your styling time down for even more practicality.

    How to style the Low Ponytail:

    1. Part washed hair into four sections – and apply a moisturising product to the first part.
    2. Detangle each section using the Wide tooth comb attachment on the Supersonic™ for hair type 4, or smoothing nozzle for all other types. Repeat until hair is dry.
    3. Set hair into the style using the cold shot function before combing hair into a sleek low ponytail with gel. Secure hair just above the neck – for a wavy ponytail, simply scrunch the loose hair when wet and apply a salt spray.

The shag haircut

  • Retro Shag Cut

    Larry King, Dyson Global Styling Ambassador IG: @larrykinghair

  • Ideal for type 1,2 and 3 hair

    Approx. 18-minute style
    Achieved with the Dyson Airwrap™ hair styler

    A product of the 70s, the long shag haircut has gone through a number of evolutions. The modern shaggy haircut combines natural looking curls with texture – you can apply as little or as much as you want of this. Using the aerodynamic power of the Coanda effect, the Airwrap™ achieves curls in hair quickly and without causing extreme heat damage.

    How to style the Retro Shag Cut:

    1. Apply a holding cream to wet hair and use the Pre-styling dryer attachment until hair is almost dry.
    2. Section hair and begin curling with the 30mm barrel with arrows facing away from face. Use settings on high heat with high airflow, holding each part for 15 seconds until hair is fully dry.
    3. Use the cold shot button for 5-10 seconds to hold each curl in place before releasing. To style shag haircut with more texture, use a texture spray at the end.

Natural curls

  • Natural Curls

    Rachel Amy Owens, USA IG: @rachelamyowens

  • Ideal for type 4 hair

    Approx. 15-minute style
    Achieved with the Dyson supersonic™

    To stretch out natural curls and achieve that coveted blowout look, a hair dryer works best. Air Multiplier™ technology in the Supersonic™ produces a powerful jet of controlled air. This supports fast drying – allowing you to transform a simple hairstyle into something elevated.

    How to style The Natural Curl:

    1. Apply leave-in conditioner to wet hair and gently tease out any tangles with a wide tooth comb before separating into sections.
    2. With the tools and accessories, begin to stretch and loosen hair whilst drying.
    3. Once you’ve reached the top section, stretch hair forward to avoid flattening the shape.
    4. When hair is fully dry, use a wide tooth comb to create face framing layers – long hair may take a little more time.

Face framing layers

  • Frame framing layers

    Peter Thomsen, Dyson Global Styling Ambassador IG: @pjthomsen

  • Ideal for type 1, 2 and 3 hair
    Approx. 13-minute style
    Achieved with the Dyson Corrale™ hair straightener

    This simple hairstyle is time-effective and universally complimentary, so it’s easy to see why it has lasting popularity. Because you style hair with a straightener here, avoid using tools that rely on extreme heat. The Flexing copper plates in the Corrale™ are able to gather hair, achieving enhanced hairstyles for women and men without extreme heat, frizz or flyaways.

    How to style Face Framing Layers:

    1. Section dry hair into manageable pieces.
    2. Once the Corrale™ chimes, run the straightener from roots to ends at an even pace, turning the plates inwards to create soft bends in hair.
    3. For the face-framing sections of hair, straighten downwards and twist out to create natural movement.
    4. Once hair is cool, brush to create uniform style. For the appearance of a textured haircut, use a sea salt spray at end.

Bedhead waves

  • Bedhead waves

    Kenza Sadoun el Glaoui, France IG: @kenzasmg

  • Ideal for type 1,2 and 3 hair

    Approx. 18-minute style
    Achieved with the Dyson Airwrap™ hair styler

    This iconic 70s style is making a big comeback, thanks to its celebration of natural texture. To customise this into a range of easy hairstyles, use any of the Airwrap’s variety of accessories. Instead of extreme heat, the Airwrap™ works by curving air towards it – perfectly setting hairstyles for face framing. It does this by using a phenomenon called the Coanda effect.

    How to style Bedhead Waves:

    1. Apply a holding cream to wet hair.
    2. Use the Pre-styling dryer attachment set to medium heat and medium airflow until hair is almost dry.
    3. Attach the 30mm barrel with arrows facing away from your face. Section hair and then begin to curl pieces of each section, keeping settings at high heat and high airflow.
    4. After 15 seconds set each curl with the cold shot button before releasing.
    5. Once each section is complete, brush hair to loosen the curls.

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