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How to clean your carpet

Knowing how to clean carpet at home comes down to the quality of your vacuum and how it is used. From daily cleans to removing stubborn carpet stains, there are many simple tips you can implement to utilise the full eficiency of your vacuum cleaner. 30th June 2022

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  • Dyson's engineers have developed specific vacuum technology for carpet and hardwood floors to allow for targeted cleaning. In fact, Dyson's engineers have accounted for different floor materials in homes throughout the world in their designs. James McCrea, Senior Mechanical Engineer at Dyson, says, "In our Pick-Up Laboratory, we test how effective our machines are at removing dust, dirt and hair from your home using many different floor types - from industry standard carpets to tatami matting commonly found in Japan."

    Below, our engineers have curated expert advice in how to clean carpet using high-performing vacuum technology

Tips on how to clean your carpet

When researching the most effective ways to clean carpet, Dyson's engineers focused beyond visible dust, dirt and stains to target microscopic bacteria in carpets and rugs like "dust mites, mould and allergens - all of which can visibly impact your wellbeing" McCrea explains. "At Dyson, we have almost 30 years of research into how best to clean flooring, including carpets... it's important not to wait until your carpet looks visibly dirty before vacuuming."

1. Vacuum slowly and efficiently

A Dyson vacuum cleaner utilises engineered brush bars and patented radical cyclones to extract dust and other debris from carpet fibres. Slow movements give the brush bar more time to lift embedded dirt, and we suggest passing over each area up to 3 times for significant results. According to our laboratory research, cleaning the same carpeted areas any more than 2-3 times yields little difference in results.

2. Use accessories to solve problems

While changing tools mid-vacuum might make a carpet clean seem more strenuous, different vacuum accessoriescan help you remove both visible and hidden dust particles, from pet hair to smaller crevices and hard-to-reach spots. Compatible with a range of Dyson vacuum models, the Dyson Low-Reach Vacuum Adaptor modifies the wand up to 90° to effectively clean carpet underneath furniture. For high-up and obscured areas, the Up-top adaptor angles and locks at various vantage points. To clean carpet in high-traffic areas of the home, including coarse rugs and doormats, we recommend a vacuum cleaner attachment like the Stubborn dirt brush.

3. Clean carpet 2 times per week

Our experts recommend vacuuming high-traffic areas twice a week and all other spaces and neglected areas once a week to ensure potential harmful particles are removed in the cleaning process. These lesser-exposed surfaces can include sofa cushions, upholstery and curtain creases, all of which can harbour dust and dirt that can trigger allergies. Our range of vacuums are customised for different indoor areas to help you find the best vacuum cleaner for carpet in your home. Consider fitting your Dyson model with an Awkward gap tool or Scratch-free dusting brush to simplify twice-weekly vacuuming and spot cleaning.

4. Deep clean every 6-12 months

If certain interior areas are overlooked during vacuuming, it can lead to dullness, discolouration, and trapped odour and bacteria. Regular, deep cleaning of indoor spaces can help extend the wear of your carpet and rugs while enhancing the air quality in your home. We recommend deep cleaning your carpet every 6-12 months to improve longevity.

  • For automatic deep-cleaning across carpets and hard floors, Dyson V15 Detect contains our most advanced engineering yet - with laser detection2 and a piezo sensor particle counter3
  • The Digital MotorbarTM cleaner head has been expertly designed to further deep clean carpets.
  • If you are deep cleaning a large-scale home, consider the Dyson Outsize which has a 25% wider cleaner head and 150% bigger bin1 to streamline cleaning across large surface areas.
  • How to get stains out of carpet

    Stains are varied, so the best method to get spilt wine out of carpet may differ from grass or chemicals. People often use a range of cleaning products when trying to stain-remove – but this technique mixes multiple chemicals. Dr Calum Robertson, Chemical Research Scientist at Dyson explains, “While it can be tempting to try and deal with a stain as quickly as possible with as many cleaning products as possible, it’s vital not to mix cleaning products”. Instead, Dr Calum suggests going with light treatments and working your way up from there.

    Carpet stains vary and can't be treated equally. What works on a red wine stain may not lift grass stains. Instead of mixing multiple chemicals to get stains out of carpet, Dr Calum Robertson, Chemical Research Scientist at Dyson warns against this technique so you can preserve materials and fibres of your carpet."

    "While it can be tempting to try and deal with a stain as quickly as possible with as many cleaning products as possible, it's vital not to mix cleaning products." Instead, Dr Robertson suggests opting for light treatments and working your way up from there.

    • Only vacuum over surface-level stains and spills if they are dry. Moisture can damage the mechanics of your vacuum cleaner. Additionally, avoid wiping stains since this can worsen or make them permanent.
    • Don't rush. Strong chemicals can lift or remove dyes in carpets and rugs, so reach for a combination of soap and warm water first to break down oil-based substances.
    • Use biological cleaning products for pet stains, grass, chocolate or blood stains. Since these compounds are made from proteins, they can be broken down via enzymatic solutions like biological laundry detergent. Gently blot the stain until you see it resolve.
    • Use bleach for coffee, tea or wine stains. Since these compounds can cause obvious discolouration, they may require bleach to be visibly removed. Make sure you patch test a hidden area of carpet and start with a small amount.

    Now that you mastered how to clean carpet,

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    1 Compared to the Dyson Gen5detect™ vacuum.

    2 Suction tested to IEC62885-4 CL5.8 and CL5.9, tested at the flexible inlet, loaded to bin full, in Boost mode by independent third-party, SGS-IBR Laboratories US in 2022.

    3 Quantity and size of dust displayed on screen varies depending on usage. Automatic suction adaptation only occurs in auto mode.