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How to clean your car interior

Maintaining a clean car interior requires constant upkeep – but including it in your weekly clean is important for the health quality of your car. Just like in homes, cars can harbour dust, dirt, pet hair and particles which when left may affect the air we breathe in.

1 November 2022
Man cleaning car

Dyson’s vacuums and vacuum tools are designed with this interior in mind – combining pioneering technology with powerful filtration and motorisation. Our handheld attachments convert into a car vacuum cleaner for controlled and precise cleans. Cars present unique challenges when it comes to capturing dust and fine particles. Upholstery alongside tight spaces and crevices require optimised accessories. To achieve an efficient clean, explore how to clean car seats properly and how to clean car interior using Dyson’s technology.

The effects of an unclean car interior

Without the right dashboard cleaner and car seat cleaner tools, dust and debris can accumulate in care interiors. For pet owners, knowing how to clean a car is also an important aspect of allergen removal. Pet hair carries dander – the food source of microscopic life like dust mites.

Bacteria, pollen, pet hair and dirt can affect the overall quality of air health. Dyson’s engineers investigate pet hair and other particulate matter, to ensure that every clean with a Dyson vacuum is a deep clean. The powerful suction and advanced filtration in our machines help to remove and trap impurities of even microscopic size.

How to clean car interiors

Dyson’s attachments don’t just achieve a whole-home clean. Explore car vacuum cleaner tools, how to use attachments and the best way to clean car seats and sides below.

  • 3. Best way to clean car seats

    The Hair screw tool is specifically designed for soft surface areas like mattresses and car seats. Just like with homes, the right order of how to clean car seats starts from top to bottom. This ensures any dust that becomes dislodged and falls is captured in the final sweep. During car seat cleaning, start at the front of the car with both seats moved as far back as possible. Using the Crevice tool, vacuum along the seams of seats (making sure to reach where the back meets bottom). The Hair screw tool or Mini-motorised tool can be used to vacuum the seat upholstery, helping to remove visible and invisible dust and allergens that gather in soft furnishings. For extra power in these areas, use the ‘boost’ mode on your vacuum.

  • 4. Vacuum interior sides

    Next, move to generally flat surfaces in the car’s body such as the dashboard and tight spaces. This is the perfect job for the Detail cleaning kit. Tool such as the Scratch-free dusting brush and Combination tool gently removes dust from delicate surfaces with soft bristles. Then go over with a damp cloth to gently remove marks and stains on the dashboard. For how to clean car interior spaces like side pockets and tight corners, utilise slim tools like the Awkward gap tool or Light pipe crevice tool. For particularly ground-in dirt, a damp cloth can be used after vacuuming.

  • 5. Tackle car floor

    Use a car vacuum cleaner on the floor as your last step. Begin with stubborn dirt like dried-in mud and food stains. Use the stiff nylon bristles in the Stubborn dirt brush to lift dried dirt from high-traffic areas. Once cleared, vacuum over the flooring with the Mini-motorised tool. For pet owners, reach for the Hair screw tool to remove hair and dander from soft surfaces, floors and the boot.

  • 6. How to clear stubborn dirt

    If you don’t have a Stubborn dirt brush, the Combination tool can be used as a car vacuum cleaner for mud and ground in dirt. Pulling the soft nylon bristles back, go over floor areas. The Combination tool is designed with a wide nozzle to help cover more surface, and includes a nylon lint picker to lift tricky debris.

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