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Dyson hair styling tools: How to get beach waves

Effortlessly chic and universally complimentary, beach waves are celebrated for their natural, flowing style. A year-round look that evokes femininity, beachy hair is low-maintenance and easy to achieve with the right styling tools.

Ahead, celebrity hair stylist Jen Atkin shares how she creates perfect beach curls with different styling tools. Dyson’s range of hair tools have been developed to achieve a variety of styles for every hair type. To discover how to achieve beach waves with a straightener, hair dryer or curler, read on. We demonstrate how to get beach waves for long hair and short.

29 April 2022

Styling hair with Dyson hair tools

Beach curls frame the face and achieve long-lasting natural flow. As with any hairstyle that requires a styling tool, achieving the look can place strain on the health of your hair. Conventional stylers use extreme levels of heat to shape hair, which weakens the cuticle layer, leading to breakage, split ends and faded colour.

Damaged hair can’t be repaired. Dyson’s hair stylers don’t rely on extreme heat to style hair. Instead, they protect the health and shine of your hair by shaping through the use of advanced technology.

How to get beach waves with a styler

No matter your styler preference, beach wave curls are easy to achieve. Read on for Jen’s tips and tricks on how to get beach waves without heat damage.

1. Beach waves with straightener

It might seem counterintuitive to curl hair with a straightener, but this styler can provide soft, flowing curls in a short amount of time. The Dyson Corrale™ uses targeted temperatures and flexing copper plates to gather and shape hair – meaning less heat is needed. Designed for use on all hair types, the Dyson Corrale™ can achieve beach waves on short hair or long.

    • Begin by detangling hair and sectioning it – those with thick hair should create smaller sections. Starting near the roots, gather hair into the straightener and rotate the tool 360 degrees away from the face, moving the tool through the hair slowly and evenly. The flexing plates mean that you don’t need to apply extra pressure.
    • Repeat this process, alternating the direction of the curls for a more natural result.
    • Once all sections have been styled, loosen curls with your fingers for casual, beachy hair.

    Explore Dyson Corrale™ hair straightener.

  • Beach wave style hair straightener

2. Beach waves with curler

Curling tools create seamless beach curls with minimal effort. The Dyson Airwrap™ styles hair using the Coanda effect – an aerodynamic phenomenon. As Jen says, “It gently wraps and curls the hair, making it a great tool for achieving soft beach waves”. The range of attachments make beach curls attainable for any hair length. To create beach waves on fine hair, use the 20mm or 30mm barrels – those with coarse hair should use the 30mm or 40mm barrels.

    • Begin with wet hair. Use the Firm smoothing brush on curly or coarse hair, and the Soft smoothing brush on finer hair until almost dry.
    • Next, section your hair. To achieve beach waves on long hair, use the long barrel attachment. Manually wrap hair around it in the direction of the arrows marked on the barrel. Smaller-portioned pieces of hair will achieve more defined curls.
    • Turn the Airwrap on, holding hair in place until it feels dry. Use the cold shot to hold the style in place before releasing hair.
    • Repeat the process, switching the barrels to change the direction of the curl to attain a more natural flow.
    • Finish by running fingers through curls to enhance soft beach waves.

    Explore Dyson Airwrap™ hair styler.

  • Beach wave style curling tool

3. Beach waves with round brush

Using the Round volumising brush attachment on the Dyson Airwrap™, you can create tousled, beachy hair curls. “It is engineered to direct air into the hair to give it body, whilst the bristles create tension to shape the hair as it dries”, says Jen. To shape beach waves into short hair, use the Small round volumising brush.

    • Towel dry wet hair and then section into parts. Place the brush attachment underneath the hair near the roots and curl through. For added volume, lift hair at the root as you dry.
    • Once dried, roll the section and secure with a sectioning clip, allowing hair to cool before releasing.
    • Finish by running through hair with your fingers to enhance the beach waves look.

  • Beach wave style round brush

4. Beach waves with hair dryer diffuser

For curly or coily hair types looking for how to make waves in hair, a hair dryer diffuser is a supportive method. “It’s an ideal, effortless way to create waves and curls that celebrate the hair’s natural shape” says Jen. The Dyson Supersonic™ combines Air Multiplier™ technology and intelligent heat control for precise styling without extreme heat damage. The Diffuser attachment reduces frizz and defines natural curls – For Jen, “the Dyson diffuser has been a game changer”.

    • Smooth the Wide tooth comb attachment through wet hair. With the Diffuser attachment, set the hair dryer to a low airflow and dry the top of hair to attain volume. For those with thicker hair, use the higher heat setting.
    • Place hair into sections and place the diffuser near the strands.
    • Hold placement until hair is completely dry before using a cold shot to fix beach waves in place.

    Explore Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer.

  • Diffuser Beach wave style

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