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How to use vacuum cleaner attachments

Dust, dirt, pet hair and particles inhabit all areas of the house, not only floor surfaces. A whole-home clean requires precision engineering, to ensure that allergens and bacteria are completely removed from every corner and crevice.

Dyson vacuums combine pioneering technology with powerful filtration and motorisation. Our vacuum cleaner attachments provide specific solutions for each clean.

For how to use your vacuum cleaner at its most powerful, explore our problem-solving vacuum attachments.

14 January 2022

Everyday vacuum cleaner accessories

The essential vacuum attachments for everyday whole-home cleans.

  • Light pipe crevice tool

    Light pipe crevice tool inbetween cupboards

  • Dyson tools make the invisible visible. The Light-pipe crevice tool reaches into narrow spaces, corners and crevices, illuminating surfaces as you go. Engineered at a 45° angle, this latest advancement in Dyson attachments increases suction power as it moves into tight spaces.


    • Vents protect the motor from blockages and stop the tool from sticking to surfaces.

    • LED lights let you clean dark, hard to reach spots.

    Compatible with Dyson V15 Detect™ vacuum.

  • Low-reach adaptor

    Low reach adapter

  • Visible dirt can be an indicator of dust mite colonies and bacteria already present in the home. Any floor surface covered by furniture is hard to reach, making it an optimal space for particles to build-up. The Dyson Low-reach adaptor is an essential attachment compatible with our Dyson cordfree vacuums.


    • Bends low for comfortable reach, adjusting the wand angle up to 90°.

    • A high-density polyethylene (HDPE) lip seal maintains suction so that all dust and allergens captured go directly to the bin.

      Compatible with Dyson V15 Detect™, Outsize, V11, Cyclone V10™, V8 and V7 cordfree vacuums.

  • Hair screw tool

    Hair screw tool vacuuming pet hair bon pet bed

  • To answer to the mess created by pet hair, our latest technology in vacuum cleaner accessories deals with hair removal. The Dyson Hair screw tool is designed with an anti-tangle conical brush bar, so that pet hair, dander and mites are completely cleared from surfaces. Hair shedding can trigger allergies and carry harmful fleas and mites. If you have pets at home, make sure you achieve a whole-home clean.


    • A powerful integrated motor in the brush bar spins at up to 3500rpm, to lift and remove ground-in dander.

    • Stiff nylon bristles guarantee unwavering contact with the floor to pull pet hair from any surface.

    Compatible with Dyson V15 Detect™, Outsize, V11, Cyclone V10™, V8 and V7 cordfree vacuums.

  • Mattress tool

    Mattress tool

  • Skin flakes, dust, hair and pet dander all inhabit areas that we rest on. Your mattress can harbour millions of dust mites, who feed on skin flakes. Concerningly, the faeces of dust mites are one of the most regular inducers of allergens worldwide. To combat this, our vacuum attachments include an accessory specifically designed to target this surface area. The Dyson Mattress tool is built for most cordless vacuum models.


    • Engineered with an aperture to avoid sticking to fabric.
    • Extra-wide to cover more mattress with each sweep.
    • Also able to deep clean sofas, armchairs and other upholstery.

    Compatible with Dyson V15™, V12™, V11™, Cyclone V10™, V8™ and V7™ vacuums.

Dyson vacuum attachments for tough cleaning

Dyson attachments for tricky, tough and ground-in dirt.

  • Stubborn dirt brush

    Stubborn dirt brush vacuuming ground in dirt

  • Dried up mud and dirt can be hard to remove with a regular cleaner head alone. The Stubborn dirt brush uses friction to remove dried dirt from high traffic areas. To clean regularly impacted spaces like footwells of cars, door mats and floor surfaces, use of this Dyson attachment is essential.


    • Stiff nylon bristles scrub and lift dried dirt.
    • Polypropylene design allows you to clean hard-to-lift dirt without damaging the attachment.

    Compatible with Dyson V15 Detect™, Dyson V12 Detect Slim™, Outsize, V11, Cyclone V10™, V8 and V7 cordfree vacuums.

  • Tangle-free turbine tool

    Tangle free turbine tool for corded machines

  • For seamless and effective pet hair removal without suction-loss. Counter-rotating brush heads draw in and remove hair and release into the bin, without becoming trapped in the vacuum.


    • No brush bar to prevent hair becoming wrapped.
    • Counter-rotating brush heads, designed for removing hair with ease.

    Compatible with Dyson uprights and Dyson cylinder vacuums.

Dyson vacuum attachments for deep cleans

Dyson tools for hard-to-reach areas.

  • Vacuuming and air flow displaces dust and particles, which can drop from high-up places to surfaces below. To capture dust and dirt effectively, begin vacuuming high-up areas and finish with floor surfaces. To assist with high-up cleaning, Dyson’s Extension hose is your simple solution.


    • Reach up to 61cm further.
    • Flexible wire helix springs back into position when not in use.

    Compatible with Dyson V15 Detect™, Dyson V12 Detect Slim™, Outsize, V11, Cyclone V10™, V8 and V7 cordfree vacuums.

  • Extension hose

    Cordlessvacuum extension hose

  • Up-top adaptor

    Up-top adaptor

  • Stationary high-up surfaces, including on top of kitchen cabinets, fridges and shelves are usually out of sight. This can cause invisible dust, allergens and harmful particles to thrive in these areas. The Up-top adaptor is an effective solution, allowing complete and easy cleans of high-up spaces.


    • Bends up to 130°.
    • Locks at 98°, 65°, and 0° for flexible up-top cleaning.

    Compatible with Dyson V15 Detect™, Dyson V12 Detect Slim™, Outsize, V11, Cyclone V10™, V8 and V7 cordfree vacuums.

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