Customise your Dyson Airwrap™ multi-styler

Find your Dyson Airwrap™ customisation by answering a few quick questions on hair type and styling preference. We’ll recommend the best combination of styling accessories for you.

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Steps to customise your Dyson Airwrap™ multi-styler

  • Step 1: Diagnose your hair

    Define your hair type and needs by answering a few questions.

  • Step 2: Get recommended

    See the 8 tailored accessories for your hair and styling preference.

  • Step 3: Personalise your styler

    Choose from exclusive colours and personalise your presentation box.

  • Step 4: Ready to ship

    Your Dyson Airwrap™ customised styler will be wrapped and shipped.

What is my hair type and texture?

Dyson’s hair laboratories measure the range of effects styling has on real hair – including water absorption, airflow and tensile tests. Hair types respond in their own way, owing in large part to different hair textures. To know how best to use each of our tools, it helps to first see which of the hair texture types belongs to you.

  • Straight hair type

    Hair types that fall into this category range from absolutely straight to very lightly wavy.

    1A: Stick straight

    1B: Straight with a slight wave in parts

    1C: Slight waves with one or two s-waves

    Straight hair types can be both fine and thick, so sectioning should be applied as is relevant. Enhance straight, sleek styles or volumise with curls and bounce with Dyson’s hair care range.

  • Wavy hair type

    Hair types that fall into category #2 range in shape from loose s-waves to distinct curls, and are naturally bendable and elasticised.

    2A: Loose, stretched waves

    2B: Tighter, more distinct waves

    2C: Visible s-waves with some spiral curls

    The generally high elasticity in wavy hair types can hold shape well if looked after properly. Take advantage of this by exploring versatile styles, from big, bouncy curls to sleek and straight.

  • Curly Hair types

    Hair types that fall into category #3 range in shape from big, loose curls to tighter corkscrew-shaped curls.

    3A: Large, loose spiral curls

    3B: Bouncy ringlets

    3C: Tight corkscrews

    The high density of curly hair types can help in holding shape – define and your curls or change their shape for refreshed style. To address frizz, the Flyaway and Diffuser attachment can be used for smoothed and shiny locks.

  • Coily hair type

    Hair types that fall into category #4 range in shape from tight curls to kinked and, z-pattern coils.

    4A: Tight s-curls

    4B: Z-patterned coils with sharp angles

    4C: Mostly z-pattern, tightly kinked

    Styling can help to protect and support soft textures in coily hair types. The Diffuser and Wide tooth comb attachments define and enhance differently styled shapes. Achieve textured twists or smoothed and straightened hair with the Dyson hair care range.

Use our tool to diagnose your hair type and customise your Airwrap

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