Dyson® V6 Pet Vacuum Cleaner

Engineered to
keep on their tail

Powerful, cord-free suction.
To remove pet hair and reduce allergens.
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Dog on couch

Your pet gets everywhere…

Unlike you, pets don’t wipe their paws at the door. Combined with the constant shedding of hair and dead skin, they can quickly spread stubborn dirt all around your home.
Pet allergies from pet hair and dander

…and causes more than just mess.

Hair and dander shed by your pet can carry
major allergy triggers from saliva and sebaceous
glands in the skin. Measuring as little as 0.5
microns in size, exposure to these microscopic
particles can cause discomfort to the skin
and respiratory system.

Dyson cord-free vacuum

One machine. Two cleaning modes.

Dyson cord-free vacuums are engineered to remove pet hair and allergens wherever you find them. A range of
interchangeable tools and cleaner heads connect directly to the wand or the main body – transforming between
a stick vacuum and a handheld machine for cord-free cleaning up high, down low, and everywhere in between.
Dyson V6 vacuum head

A motor with a bite bigger than its bark.

Thanks to the Dyson digital motor, Dyson cord-free vacuums are small, light and powerful. Combining with motorised tools and cleaner heads to suck up dirt, pet hair and allergens all over your home.
Dyson handheld vacuum

The Dyson digital motor V6.

Generating powerful suction in a small and light package.
Pet allergies

Help reduce pet allergens.

Powerful centrifugal forces generated by patented Dyson cyclone technology spin dust and dirt out of the air and into the bin. A highly-efficient post motor filter traps microscopic dusts including allergens from pet hair and dander. Helping to make life alongside your pet easier to enjoy.

Dyson V6 brush bar

Powerful brush bars – for when things get hairy.

Dyson cord-free vacuums have a powered brush bar, engineered with stiff nylon bristles. It digs deep into carpets to dislodge stubborn pet hair and dander. Excludes Dyson V6 Fluffy.

Dyson V6 Absolute cord-free vacuum

Two Dyson-engineered
cleaner heads - for carpets
and hard floors. HEPA
filtration captures microscopic
dusts including allergens

Dyson V6 Absolute

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Dyson DC58 Animal handheld vacuum

Twice the suction power 
of any other handheld
in use.

Dyson DC58 Animal

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Dyson V6 cord-free range

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