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Our quietest, most powerful purifier

Our latest air purifier for large rooms uses cone aerodynamics to generate the circulation power to drive even distant pollutants back through sealed filters. For whole-room purification, even in large spaces.1

Dyson Purifier Big+Quiet Formaldehyde projecting air into living space while pollutants are being captured into the filter.

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Dyson’s latest advancement in whole room air purifier technology is also our quietest machine. This quiet HEPA air purifier contains three phases of purification built into the machine for comprehensive purification. Even at the highest power setting, it is acoustically engineered to operate quietly.

Whole room HEPA filter technology in Dyson’s latest quiet air purifier is able to project clean air up to 10m. Using cone aerodynamics to generate circulation power, the large area HEPA air purifier ensures that all corners of the room are purified. The best 360 air purifier for large spaces yet.

Dyson’s next generation quiet air purifier is engineered with three phases of purification in a whole-machine sealed machine – capturing ultra-fine particles, gases, odours and even destroying formaldehyde permanently. The Dyson Hot+Cool™ Formaldehyde also contains three layers of filtration, but Dyson’s new whole room air purifier projects air up to 10m while operating quietly.

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